Dash BPO offers world-class client care, expert sales and responsive technical support that is customized to meet (and match!) the unique needs of your rapidly evolving technologies. We understand how fierce competition is for market share in the cable and satellite business, and we want Dash BPO to be the secret to your success.

We’re here to expertly manage the details of client care so that you can focus on the work of growing your business, supported by the metrics and feedback our professionals will provide in regular reports. As your trusted partner in service, Dash BPO will help you succeed and always look out for your best interest. We consider every point of contact to be an opportunity for us to build trust and loyalty for your brand. Our agents facilitate every interaction so that your business retains clients and grows through referrals.

We are to help you with a variety of service functions

We start by helping you define goals for us to achieve, and then we implement and manage solutions with our highly trained team of client service professionals.

Our expertise in service levels lets us offer a concierge approach, supporting everyone from your most sophisticated and tech-savvy clients to those who are adjusting to the latest technological advancements.

We offer flexibility, easily scaling up to serve you and your clientele better as your business grows in every facet from general account maintenance and billing support to handling repair and maintenance queries or loyalty retention.

From setting up accounts to scheduling installations or renewing contracts and selling bundled services or upgrades, you can count on our team to offer exceptional service that’s tailored to your needs.

Naturally, we offer multi-channel contact support so that we help your clients on their terms and they always feel your brand is convenient and responsive.

We’re also COPC certified, which means you can rest assured that our company’s best practices and consistent processes meet the rigorous performance requirements of our industry’s most prestigious standards for quality assurance and compliance.