Our goal is to forge connections with potential clients

When financial services partner with us at Dash BPO, our goal is to forge connections with potential clients and protect existing customer relationships. We have the required industry expertise and our contact center professionals fully understand the importance of meeting regulatory requirements while exceeding customer expectations. In fact, Dash BPO is PCI certified, so you know that we meet the requirements set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

The highest standards of performance and best practices

In recent years, financial services firms and banking institutions have had to adapt to serve their clients better. In today’s market, consumers want to access financial professionals or complete their banking and credit card transactions with flexibility. Our team at Dash BPO will become an extension of your business, committed to your objectives and seamlessly adopting your brand personality (supported by our innovative software and high-speed solutions).

The contact center professionals at Dash BPO are able to provide responsive, helpful and knowledgeable support for customer care, eCommerce payment portals, accounts receivable management and back office support. We can also help with credit card qualification, account management, and life insurance sales, not to mention maximizing every opportunity to expertly upsell or cross-sell.

Additionally, we can tailor our solutions to include first-party collections. Following exemplary customer care regulations, we make sure that every interaction is as smooth and stress-free as possible for your clientele.

As a performance leader in customer care for the financial services industry, we are proudly COPC certified, having met the highest standards of performance and best practices in our industry. Dash BPO boasts zero-defect compliance thanks to our rigorous procedures and refined compliance process.