Proper customer verification

As your partner, Dash BPO can expertly and efficiently manage this crucial step in any customer relationship.

Customer verification is critical for risk management and fraud reduction

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With our highly-trained agents and first-rate, integrated software, Dash BPO has the ability to perform high quality customer verification checks to protect your business. We realize that identity verification is an important way to prevent money laundering and other fraudulent financial activity..

Our contact center specialists boast a wealth of solutions, all completely customizable to the unique needs of your business. The innovative software we use is capable of supporting companies all around the globe and offering their customers Omnichannel connectivity

When you partner with Dash BPO, our meticulous processes and seamless integration with your brand identity will build customer loyalty. We’ll save your business time and money as we expertly handle these routine obligations on your behalf. This allows your employees more time to focus on sales, growth and profitability.

Each time we verify a customer’s identity, we strive to provide the best customer experience for your new and existing customers. Your customers will appreciate our friendly, knowledgeable and efficient approach to identity verification and feel they can trust that your company makes their privacy and security a priority.

Dash BPO agents will quickly identify high-risk applicants, reducing your risk exposure by recognizing potentially harmful situations. All of our advanced systems are designed for accuracy, timeliness and reliability, plus we have the ability to expand or reduce them to match fluctuations in your customer activity.

As a COPC and PCI certified company, Dash BPO is committed to meeting the highest standards applicable to our industry. We understand the strict rules and compliance standards for banks and other financial institutions and we’re prepared to meet and support them.

Additionally, as we get to know your customers better, we’ll make sure we share our metrics and report trends or interesting issues so that you know what will improve retention and loyalty as well.