At Dash BPO, we’re proud of our commitment to quality in every aspect of what we do. We provide quality monitoring of our contact center interactions to ensure we constantly assess and improve our performance.

The cutting-edge software we use allows us to monitor and record interactions so that we can properly evaluate the performance of our Dash BPO agents. Our software also supports call barging, so we can monitor a live interaction when necessary and then “barge in” to assist an agent with a challenging customer issue. The secret to our outstanding service is twofold: We always look for areas of improvement and we support the learning and development of our Omnichannel contact center agents.

We are proudly committed to upholding the highest standards set for our industry by the Customer Operations Performance Center Inc. Our consistently rigorous processes and dedicated observance of best practices earned Dash BPO the coveted COPC certification. By following the regulations of COPC, you can rest assured that we are always delivering top quality customer service.

For our work in the financial services industry, we willingly meet the strict regulatory requirements required by banks and other financial institutions. Dash BPO is PCI certified, ensuring we have met the standards set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Additionally, at Dash BPO we approach all of our work with a culture that values maintaining meticulously high standards by preventing mistakes and the opportunity for defects. We recruit top talent from around the globe and invest time and resources in training our team members well. From our exceptional customer care to our industry-leading Omnichannel solutions and innovative software, we are constantly focused on quality and continual improvement.