There are many variables you cannot control in the airline industry (the inevitable disappointments of delays, missed flights, and lost luggage come to mind!), but you can control customer service and support. We become an extension of your brand, allowing you to focus on your business while we maintain your customer relationships.

You can depend on our professional staff to have the expertise and skill to handle every situation with friendly, knowledgeable support (backed by our world-class software, high-speed connectivity, and Omnichannel options that serve your clientele according to their preferences). Whether you require round-the-clock service or a little extra help for peak seasons or emergency situations, Dash BPO is ready to provide customized solutions.

At every point of contact, our team of professionals will strive to meet and exceed the expectations of your most discerning customers. We would love to impress your current customers and win over those who have encountered unfortunate or frustrating circumstances, building trust and loyalty by proving your brand to be responsive, trustworthy and attentive to their needs and comfort.

From the ease of making reservations, changing travel plans or preparing to check in with convenient self-service options to the way we will carefully handle special accommodation requests or complaints, you can count on Dash BPO to always represent your brand with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. Our goal isn’t to just retain your current customers, but to impress them so that their rave referrals generate even more business for you.

We also understand that the nature of the airline industry is that there are times when call volume can greatly increase. Our systems and staff are fully capable of handling a deluge of calls efficiently and effectively, so that even an emergency situation doesn’t negatively impact your brand reputation. Instead, your customers will admire the way your brand offers resolutions with quick, personalized responses that underscore your passionate commitment to customer care. Dash BPO is also flexible enough to scale up or down to suit your unique needs.

That’s not all! As our client you’ll also benefit from our constant desire to improve performance by reviewing the data we collect and running key metrics to inform your business decisions. At Dash BPO, we want you to be the travel provider of choice thanks to the seamless operation of our partnership.